100 Lotus Flowers

2009: 100 Lotus Flowers taking me through a transition in my life. Each flower is a message which brings me closer to the goal. I try to come to terms with myself, and be myself. What messages do the flowers hold?
2013: What is the goal? I no longer know what it is, except for reaching the 100. But the 100 was not supposed to be the goal itself, but rather help reach the.....the.....I am lost, honestly lost. Everything I was striving for has diminished in importance. I do not know what to strive for. I think striving for anything now is pointless....but I will keep drawing and painting.
2014: A renewed sense of purpose, things seem to be falling into place.

100 Lotus Flowers, 100 points of healing.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Forty First Lotus Flower

Forty First Lotus Flower - Samantha Rochard - Mixed Media
When you become lost
Go back to a point where
you last felt comfortable
Reassess and move forward again

Pull focus again.....what are your core desires? Pull focus again..........

Pink and green and purple....my favourite colour combinations so far in this series.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fourtieth Lotus Flower

Fourtieth Lotus Flower - Samantha Rochard - Mixed Media
The Cycles of Man are the cycles of the Earth
We know longer observe these
I observe my personal cycles
I know myself
Have I lost touch with myself in recent days?

Sometimes we do not realize the tings creeping up to distract you from your Path. Your truth is your own, not someone else's. They can only hear the drumbeat that is right for them, and walk in step to that beat. They cannot hear your rhythm, nor would they ever hope to understand.
Remember that your rhythm is right for you, and you alone. Your purpose is something only you can truly see. Do not change your rhythm because someone else says your beat is wrong...........

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thirty Ninth Lotus Flower

Thirty Ninth Lotus Flower - Samantha Rochard - Mixed media. 
Seeking purity?
Seeking Peace?
Seeking Peace of mind?

The White Lotus Flower is the Buddhist symbol of purity. And the purity that I seek is really purity of mind. But I feel so harassed these days, so cluttered and disorganized. I feel like nothing I need is here. It is scary, that after I worked hard to pull my mind out of the mental mud, I find myself being sucked back in. I need space, quiet, solitude and so many other things which cannot be provided with a sweep of the brush or pencil.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thirty Sixth, Thirty Seventh and Thirty Eighth Lotus Flower - Should I continue?

Thirty Sixth Lotus Flower- Mixed Media - Samantha Rochard

Thirty Seventh Lotus Flower - Samantha Rochard - Mixed Media

Thirty Eighth Lotus Flower - Samantha Rochard - Mixed Media

Okay.... I must admit that I feels like I have explored the Lotus Theme enough. At this point I am a bit bored with the theme and trying to come up with new images for it. In addition, I believe my resource for the Lotus flower symbol has sort of been dried up.......I have explored most of the themes.
Here now, I am at a point where I need to make some decisions. Do I change the parameters of my restrictions like size etc etc. ? Do I try different materials? Do I chuck it all together?

The purpose of this exploration was to get rid of the artists block that I had....which it did. Various other themes are screaming at me now for attention.....and I really want to hop over to them and check them out. Or should I reject the idea that my flighty mind has currently and stick it out till the hundred?
My concern is that each piece would begin to lose originality and look more like another previously done.

I find myself also thinking of placing them in three's and refining things for a show........ hmmm..... suggestions anyone?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thirty Fifth Lotus Flower

Thirty Fifth Lotus Flower - Samantha Rochard - Mixed Media

Be Aware
True enlightenment may not fit
into your current definition

"The golden lotus has two meanings, one is the symbol for the achievement of enlightenment and the other points towards a real flower which is beyond our normal perception."

We seek enlightenment, but never really ask ourselves if we know what that means? Perhaps it is beyond our ken?

Monday, August 01, 2011

Thirty Fourth Lotus Flower

Thirty Fourth Lotus Flower - Samantha Rochard Mixed Media

Our creation stories speak,
Of the emergence of Light from the darkness,

Is this the creation of the Physical,
Or the creation of ourselves.
In the Creation Myth of the Egyptians, the Lotus Flower grows from the murkiness, and blooms. From this bloom pours the Sun which rises and returns to the Lotus Flower at night. We must travel through murkiness of the mind, before final having the courage to open our petals and let forth our Sun, (our radiant talent)

Thirty Third Lotus Flower

Thirty Third Lotus Flower - Mixed Media Samantha Rochard

We seek this concept of purity
To which each has a different meaning
Is it purity as defined by others?
Or a purity of our true nature

In Buddhism, the white flower represents the state of spiritual perfection and total mental purity (bodhi). However, the concept of mental purity clearly is an individual one. No two states may be the same. Mental purity can only be defined as our nature in sync with our goals...or can it be our goals in sync with our nature.