100 Lotus Flowers

2009: 100 Lotus Flowers taking me through a transition in my life. Each flower is a message which brings me closer to the goal. I try to come to terms with myself, and be myself. What messages do the flowers hold?
2013: What is the goal? I no longer know what it is, except for reaching the 100. But the 100 was not supposed to be the goal itself, but rather help reach the.....the.....I am lost, honestly lost. Everything I was striving for has diminished in importance. I do not know what to strive for. I think striving for anything now is pointless....but I will keep drawing and painting.
2014: A renewed sense of purpose, things seem to be falling into place.

100 Lotus Flowers, 100 points of healing.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nineteenth Lotus Flower

Nineteenth Lotus Flower - Samantha Rochard - Mixed Media

Nineteenth Lotus Flower 
The insertion of a new direction
Puts a whole new perspective on a theme.

I really love this one. It seems so spiritual, so meditative. There seems to be an energy that flows around the piece, carrying you on a journey. It pulls you in and draws you out at the same time too.
A while back I became interested in Sacred Geometry, and was researching some Islamic decorative patterns. The designs from these artists begin as geometric patterns, and then the artist attempts to create a hidden rhythm from the shapes.
"Islamic Design can be thought of as a form of visual music; the repetition and rhythm of its motifs establish an inner sense of balance and act as a visual extension of the invocatory remembrance of the Divine." - Islamic Design - A genius for Geometry - Daud Sutton

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