100 Lotus Flowers

2009: 100 Lotus Flowers taking me through a transition in my life. Each flower is a message which brings me closer to the goal. I try to come to terms with myself, and be myself. What messages do the flowers hold?
2013: What is the goal? I no longer know what it is, except for reaching the 100. But the 100 was not supposed to be the goal itself, but rather help reach the.....the.....I am lost, honestly lost. Everything I was striving for has diminished in importance. I do not know what to strive for. I think striving for anything now is pointless....but I will keep drawing and painting.
2014: A renewed sense of purpose, things seem to be falling into place.

100 Lotus Flowers, 100 points of healing.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sixth Lotus Flower

Sixth Flower - Samantha Rochard - Mixed Media
Sixth Flower sees the other souls which share your Path.
Do they assist you on your journey
Or do they pull you into theirs?

Time to take a look at the people around me. Do they enhance the beauty I wish to portray? Or do they muddle my vibrations and prevent my sun from shining?

2nd June 2011: A recent assessment showed that sometimes the very people who we look to for support, are the ones who wish you to stay exactly where you are. For this process I need a cocoon. I need to surround myself with supportive people who would understand my need to move forward just being me. These people are very difficult to find. At the end of the assessment, it dwindles down to two. However, one of the two seems to want to steer my path....this cannot be good if my inner spirit is to unfold.

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